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Why PA Pain & Rehab is Philadelphia’s Best Car Accident and Work Injury Clinic?

When injured in an accident, not only are you dealing with pain and all of the emotions that come with it, but you also have some pretty important decisions to make. Did you know that many people who are injured in some type of accident have no idea what to do for their injuries? It’s true. Not only are there many different treatment options, but once you figure out what treatment is best for you, the question is WHERE do you go? We know PAPR is your best option when it comes to treating your injuries, not only after a car or work-related accident but after any personal injury.

You’ve been injured. Now what? That’s the question many have as their pain starts to kick in and they realize that they have to seek treatment. But what? It’s very common to not know what to do after an injury especially if you’ve never been injured before. There are so many options out there and it gets confusing. At PAPR we are very serious when it comes to our patients’ pain. Our team of doctors have over 200 years of combined experience caring for injured patients and know how to get you on the path to feeling better as soon as possible. When it comes to treating your pain from an accident, we use a team approach to meet your needs. We offer the best of both worlds; in addition to utilizing cutting-edge chiropractic and physical rehabilitative care, we also have two medical doctors on staff, one of which is an orthopedic surgeon.

Any injuries sustained from an accident will disrupt your daily routine. For this reason, we try to make your time with us as stress-free as possible. You will always get a live person on the phone to talk to and we offer same-day appointments. Many of the patients that are referred to us live all over Philadelphia and we have six convenient locations that are easy to get to. In the event a patient doesn’t have transportation we provide rides to and from any of our offices. We strive to make this as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our team of doctors are not only experts in injury care, they are all highly-trained when it comes to documenting and managing your accident case. This is an important component that most patients don’t ask about. Yes, it’s vital that you get the relief that you desire from your treatment, but if your doctor doesn’t document your case correctly, it will only cause problems in the end. PAPR doctors accurately tell your story so attorneys or insurance companies know exactly what’s wrong with you and what you are doing about it.

Lastly, another very important reason why PAPR is Philadelphia’s best car accident and work injury clinic is because of the amazing people who work on our team. From the minute you walk in the door our staff wants you to feel welcome. They understand what you are going through and want to help. In the high-speed world of city living, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and be forgotten. We want your experience in our offices to be a bright spot in your day and one that you look forward to. Our team approach, expertise, convenience, and excellent patient centered care is what sets us apart and the reason why PAPR should be your first choice in injury care.

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